Janis Mikolajczak is a 23-year-old Berlin based filmmaker, who grew up near Paderborn in the West of Germany. During his first two years in Berlin after finishing high school, he worked for Universal Music and the arthouse production company ArtHood Films. He then decided to further pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker and attended the one year program at European Film College in Denmark. At the end of that year and several small projects, on which Janis worked as a director, DP, and editor, he directed the short drama film 'The Shepherd', which won the awards for 'Best Student' and 'Best Young Director' at The SHORT To The Point Festival. After his return to Berlin in 2022, he worked as a set-runner on the arte miniseries 'Nackt ├╝ber Berlin' to gain more professional set experience. In 2023, he continued his journey as a 2nd Assistant Director on the ARD feature thriller 'Ende der Unschuld' and Rosa von Praunheim's new doc-fiction feature '20 Jahre an der Peitsche'. At the moment, he is working with his long time filmmaker friend Lukas Grube on their next short film.

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